When having family and friends over for the holidays, having them enjoy the décor as well as the menu is a gift in itself! A festive table layout makes your home feel luxurious and your guests feel like they are at a night out having a fancy dinner at a restaurant. But it doesn’t have to break the holiday budget! Here is a DIY design on a dime that combines at home holiday essentials with some dollar deals. Anyone can recreate this table settings quickly and inexpensively.

First, as a table runner, use white snowy blanket material. Next, layout your logs in staggering positions adding the white tapered candles to the center of each. Once the candles are in place, add the Christmas ornaments to the runner, in between the logs and along the table. We used white and frosted ornaments, but any color to match your daily home décor can work!

Next, dinner settings. Place your chargers, soup bowls, and silverware along with your dinner napkins. As a finishing touch, flowers! Baby’s breath and Dusty Miller are placed as wintry centerpieces throughout the runner.


The overall look of white, wintery, and wood give it a farmhouse feel wherever you may be for the holidays!

Here are the details of our DIY Design:

Candles – 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree
Snow Blanket – $1 at Dollar Tree
Christmas Balls – Leftover after you have finished decorating your tree!
Wine glasses – Who doesn’t have wine and drinking glasses already at home?
Baby’s breath – 3 packs for $15 at Whole Foods
Dusty Miller – $5 for a bundle at Whole Foods
Linen Dinner Napkins – A true entertainer should have linen napkins at home, but if not, ours were $14.99 for a dozen at HomeGoods
Wooden Chargers – Product run; will be available on our online store in 2016!
Soup Bowls – $1 each Dollar Tree
Faux Fur Rug – $16.99 HomeGoods
Candle Stumps – DIY After a rainy day, tree stumps are easy to find.


By: Ana Martinez-Feliciano