What the world needs now is love…you’ve heard the song. Maybe you agree, or maybe you don’t, but teaching your kids to spread kindness is never a bad idea.

Kids don’t typically view Valentine’s Day as a big holiday. They probably just got a ton of toys in December and figure life is pretty good right now! Although the season of giving passed, you can always take the opportunity to make this the season of giving, too.


As a parent, my personal goal is to make my kids kind human beings, amongst other things of course, like hard working and responsible citizens. But kindness and respect is important, and not as common as it use to be. It’s not easy! On a day to day basis my boys are not kind to each other. They argue about the craziest things, like who gets to use the red cup, or who’s turn it is to close the garage door (I’m not even kidding). And if you follow EH Social Event’s Erika on social media you’ll know, her boys aren’t very nice to each other either! Can any of you relate?

However, here are a few things that we as parents can do to help them learn how to celebrate kindness this Valentine’s Day:




Make cupcakes for neighbors, teachers, and coaches. Have kids take some time to give thanks to the people who they see everyday or who spend the day with them.


Throw a Little Girls Galentine’s Day Party where they can learn to appreciate their friends and foster healthy girl power!


Go to a drive thru and give some love to the people who are on the job on Valentine’s Day. Either to the coffee or fast food drive thru or for a toll worker, you can give them candy or a flower, you pick. Roll down the window and have your kids hand it over.


You can craft some Valentines with the kids and have them leave notes on someone’s car. It’ll be a nice surprise that morning or afternoon! Or, have them actually write a letter snail mail and have it arrive on Valentine’s Day.


Decorate and throw a party for friends and family and have everyone wear Valentine’s Day themed clothing, or red and pink. Have a bulletin board where everyone brings their favorite picture of a friend or family member and tell stories about the memories!

Have a happy and kind Valentine’s Day!

By Ana Martinez-Feliciano

Photos by TLGreenPhotography


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