Roses are red, Violets are blue, You love your girls, and you want to show them, too!

We’ve all seen the slew of pictures on our Instagram feeds celebrating Girl Power lately!

Let’s keep that momentum going and celebrate the women in our lives!


Galentine’s Day is not as popular as Valentine’s Day, but it should be! Think about it. Could you really make it without your girlfriends? When you need to vent, who do you call? When you’re shopping by yourself and need to see if an outfit makes you look good (or not), who do you send that mirror selfie of you in a changing room? Or when you are having a terrible day and just need a cheerleader, a lot of the time, that person is your girl, your sister, or even your mom.


So Gal-entine’s Day is just that. You celebrating the gals aka women in your life! Celebrating your love is great (that’s what V-day is for), but why not also take a day to celebrate the strong women that you can’t live without.

EH SOCIAL EVENTS threw a Galentine’s Day party showcasing our new line of LOVE products and we invited some lovely ladies to enjoy a delicious brunch, overlooking New York City at Pier 115 which included Nuvo cocktails and a great time!


The Galentine’s Day brunch was a mix of female empowerment and plain old girls just wanna have fun! It was filled with gorgeous florals (all crafted by EHSE) as centerpiece runners and throughout the brunch buffet table. My favorite was the welcome sign! (Check out the pics)



In celebration of the ladies in attendance we played a game where we got to know each other via thought-provoking questions that ranged from travel, the meaning of life, celebrities, spirituality, and of course, love.



The white cotton candy cocktails in our Pinkies Up glasses with rose wine charms were a huge hit! And so were the personalized bags featuring each individual attendant’s name. The pink personalized Donna Karen bags were mini-spa kits with candles and cosmetics to name a few.

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We all came away with renewed love for our true girl friends along with gaining some new ones! It was a great way to bond, dress up, and celebrate each other as women.

TG671547Love the items used at our Galentine’s Day Brunch? Visit our!

Photography by TLGreen Photography

By: Ana Martinez-Feliciano