The First of Many

The First of Many

The celebration of the first year of your child’s life is just as much to congratulate you as it is for your baby. Surviving those first 12 months is difficult and beautiful all at once. All of the milestones, baby steps (literally), sleepless nights, and cuddles are...
Celebrate National Wedding Month!

Celebrate National Wedding Month!

Who knew there was a National Wedding Month? Well naturally, February, the month of love and romance, would be the month to celebrate it! New Jersey comes in second to Washington D.C. for most expensive weddings, averaging at about $37,000 a wedding (wow). Proposing,...
Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day

Roses are red, Violets are blue, You love your girls, and you want to show them, too! We’ve all seen the slew of pictures on our Instagram feeds celebrating Girl Power lately! Let’s keep that momentum going and celebrate the women in our lives! Galentine’s Day...
RSVP Etiquette for Guests

RSVP Etiquette for Guests

Whether it’s to a wedding, a dinner party, shower or gala event, an invitation comes with some important obligations. Here’s a quick guide to keep you on the guest list. RSVP This little code has been around for a long time. It stands for a French phrase,...
Work Like a Captain and Party Like a Pirate

Work Like a Captain and Party Like a Pirate

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a themed party? I mean, you dress up and get into character, there are props and costumes, and it makes it okay to act like a kid again. But a theme party is even MORE fun when a lot of the work is taken out for you! At Jersey Shore...


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EH Social Events' Editor, Ana Martinez-Feliciano, is a Writing Professor at Seton Hall University and has taught English for the past ten years.

Aside from writing, Ana loves yoga, meditation, and running, recently completing the Brooklyn Half Marathon. But most importantly, she is the mom of two boys, Aidan and Alexander.



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  • #rp @theladipage "Isn't this the most adorable balloon?!
I love it because it makes a beautiful pregnancy announcement photo prop or baby shower wall decor.  It is super light and re-inflatable! Plus it pairs beautifully with our  giant paper roses that you can arrange in different ways around it."💖 Baby script balloon available on my Etsy shop.

Paper roses and ivory and gold round baby mat handmade by @theladipage Go check her out.
  • Along time ago I learned to stop asking God for patience. I realized that the more I would say, "Lord, give me patience," the more I would need it because situations that would require it would never stop popping up. Now, I ask for wisdom. Wisdom to deal with certain situations and people. I have to say, that the people who I once wanted to put in head lock have either vanished from my life or they've slipped through the "IDC" cracks. As far as trials, I still get them (they're part of life), but not as constant as I use to. Learn to ask for wisdom and leave the patience for someone who likes to tap their fingers. Good night lovies. #EHSE
  • In celebration of that magnificant eclipse I didn't see. 😂 Excuse me while I indulge in this Cookies & Cream milk shake. #EHSE
  • When people ask, "Are you Dominican? Puerto Rican?" and I'm like, "Coñooo! #CubaNiña" #EHSE
  • Talk about a Happy Sunday! Now, if @amfm89 gets a modeling contract, understand that I will be managing her. I call dibbs. 😎
Thank you @latina for the fearure #EHSE
📸 @tlgreenphoto
  • Sat-ur-day [sat-er-day] n. The seventh day of the week, following Friday. No alarm clocks allowed. Perfect day to go shopping. #EHSE #HappySaturday
📸 @eiramelocin