It’s Valentine’s Day, which means it’s the biggest date night of the year or if you’re like me, it’s usually the biggest pizza, and wine night of the year!

After being on the Singles Train for a few years, I’ve struggled with this day tremendously; choosing to avoid the day by staying home, not answering my phone, or just taking steps to avoid “happy couples.” It was a day that triggered feelings of overwhelming loneliness, and inadequacy.

As I walked into the craft store a few weeks ago, I was smacked in the face with Valentine’s Day everything. As I strolled through the store the inevitable feeling of self-doubt began to arise. All I could think was, “What’s wrong with me?” There I was, in the middle of the store about to have a break-down. But then from the corner of my eye I see a sign that reads, “Your worth comes from who you are, not who you’re with.” WOW! It was at that moment, where I made the decision to not let another Valentine’s Day sneak up on me, and leave me feeling badly for being single. As with anything in life, being prepared for a challenging situation can make all the difference in the world. I realized that I was the only person responsible for how I wanted to spend every Valentine’s Day from here on in.

Who says that this day should be restricted only to couples? What if we were to adopt the idea that Valentine’s Day is for everybody? It seems that this day may be more widely accepted if it was truly a day for love in all of its forms. While your friends might be buying flowers for their partners, why not consider the people in your world that you love, and that love you back.

Valentine’s Day offers us a unique opportunity to undertake a new perspective on how we choose to celebrate love. Although the traditional approach of flowers, cards, and romance works beautifully for some. For others, like me, a display of love towards children, parents, or friends can be equally rewarding. But in the midst of all the various means of displaying love to others, don’t forget the benefits of looking after your own needs. This Valentine’s Day, make the effort to show yourself a little love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo, E.