There are some definite perks to being the editor for EH Social Events, and that is, getting to attend a lavish black tie affair, like the Wish Upon a Wedding Masquerade Ball!

Just the thought of getting all dressed up and wearing a mask for a night out in the city I love was enough to get me excited. So when I walked in to the gorgeous lounge of the Conrad Hotel, and was personally escorted into the event, I knew it would be an amazing night out. Although I couldn’t find a mask to bring to the event (smh) there were plenty available for other guests who didn’t bring one. So I grabbed one, and off I went for some fun.


The music by City of Six band was the centerpiece of the room, giving the ball back to back hits of danceable renditions, from Beyonce to 80’s Hits, and even Marc Anthony! They were easily the best party band I’ve ever seen!


Ice sculptures in the shape of antique masks featured cold appetizers on either side of the stage, while deliciously crafted hor dourves were passed around (the favorite of the night was the salmon and mashed potatoes presented on adorable little bowls! We stopped them several times as they came around.)



While the champagne was flowing throughout the crowd, from the beautifully lined bar areas on either side of the room, I sat and got my portrait done by Drawn Together NYC. While on the dance floor and talking with other guests, not one person was at all disappointed with their portrait. EVERYONE felt like the drawing captured their essence while making them look amazing at the same time!


But the best part of the event, was the fact that it was all for charity. The organization Wish Upon a Wedding provides deserving couples with all of their needs on their special day. Some of the stories told that night were so heartwarming, it made the masquerade celebration that much more enjoyable.

Please check out and support this amazing organization.


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I know I will be ready with my mask and looking forward to the Wish Upon a Wedding Masquerade Ball next year! Needless to say, I had a ball!

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