From Pinterest to Etsy, and everywhere in between directional signs are a trend I don’t foresee fading anytime soon. And chances are you’ve probably seen a bunch of tutorials on how-to make your own but I PROMISE (right hand up) none as easy or quicker then this one. Best part…. it cost $16!

Let’s begin! For starters you will need the following supplies:

  • 3 – 3/16″ x 3″ x 24″ Unfinished Basswood sheets or any size or quantity appropriate for your sign. ($1.99 each @ AC Moore)
  • 1 – Wooden Stake ($1.99 @ AC Moore)
  • Spray paint, wood stain or any paint of your desired choice. ($0 – Had it!)
  • Gorilla Wood Glue is my favorite wood glue, but you can use whatever wood glue you have. ($0 – Had it!)
  • Finishing Pad or any kind of sanding material ($0 – Had it!)
  • Measuring Tap or Ruler (Who doesn’t have a ruler?)
  • Rafter Angle Square, but the corner of a sheet of paper works too. ($0 – not sure where it came from but I had it too!)
  • Word decals ($8.00 from Southern Cut Monograms which by the way, she is AMAZING)

20160425_124353   photo 1

Start out by removing all the sticky labels off the basswood sheets and sanding the remaining residue with a finishing pad.

photo 1 (2)

From experience, measurements on the labels aren’t always accurate so it’s always a great idea to measure it yourself. Mark the center of the sheet and using the rafter angle square make your angle lines.

photo 2   photo 3 (1) photo 4

With a hand saw cut the corners and sand the sheet entirely. Don’t forget to perfect your arrow with a little extra sanding. Remove all the dust with a tack cloth or a damp cloth. I love tack cloth because it picks up all the dust with it’s sticky, whatever solution – LOL, and I don’t have to sit around waiting for the basswood to dry.

photo   photo 3 (2)   photo 2 (2)

When it comes to spray paint, wood stains, or any kind of paint, I have tons left over from previous DIY and/or home projects. Luckily, I had enough RUST-OLEUM Matte French Cream to give all my pieces 2 nice coats; front and back. Once it was all dry (to me that’s 10-15 minutes between coats and about an hour after the last coat but I would recommend reading the instruction on the can) I brought everything inside.

photo 4 (1)

Now, you can most definitely get creative and freehand your words or even use stencils, but I, prefer to save time and decided to use vinyl decals. I was more concerned with the words being somewhat centered then straight.

 20160425_125430   20160425_125451  20160425_125758   20160425_125952

Repeat until you’ve placed or painted each of your words on each of the basswood sheets.


We’re almost done. Who’s excited?

I knew I wanted my first piece of basswood to start 2″ down from the top of the stake and the others to be spaced 2″ apart. So, I placed my measuring tape next to the stake and applied 3″ of Gorilla glue

20160425_133323   20160425_133343

After placing the first basswood sheet and pressing down a bit I measured each side to make sure it was centered on the stake (11.5″ on one side and 11.5″ on the other). PERFECT!


 Repeat above for the next 2 pieces. This time placing the measuring tape or ruler on the bottom of the first piece and continue.


In order to be sure your basswoods are (somewhat) straight I suggest measuring each end side.

20160425_134654   20160425_134709

Let the glue dry for a few hours and TA DA…. You’re done!


Directional signs are a great personalized touch to any event or home. Use them to direct your guest to your backyard, front door or in your vegetable garden. You can get as creative and colorful as you possibly can.

Let’s know what you think? And if you happen to make one tag us @EHsocialEvents on Instagram; we want see!