Everyone has words they live by. Companies call it a slogan; some people call it their mantra, while others call it a motto. Mine is,


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That means, don’t wait for guests to come over to use the pretty wine glasses you have. Use the glasses to drink water, orange juice, or your morning smoothie. Don’t wait for a fancy occasion to get dressed up in a nice outfit, show up, everyday, and get dressed with those fabulous shoes that you have in the back of the closet (even if they’re a little uncomfortable). Don’t wait for a holiday or birthday to send a card to a loved one telling them how much you care about them. Tell them how much you they mean to you and how much you love them. And don’t spend your days doing things that don’t make you feel alive and happy. Of course, you have responsibilities, things that have to get done. Yes, get those out of the way. But make time to dance, laugh, play, sing, cuddle, and love.

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Live what you love!

by: Ana Feliciano

T-Shirt Graphic Designer: DelToro Designs