Happy Monday!

On Saturday, my family and I celebrated my nephew’s 4th birthday. While setting up for the festivities my brother-in-law whispered to me, “Your sister did a great job, right? She feels like you underestimate her.” I have never taken any time to talk about my family on this blog. On one hand, I try to keep it focused and on the other hand, I am not one to share much about my personal-anything. But what my brother-in-law said was enough to break the mold and make a little tribute to honor my little sister, Nicole.


There are 12 long years between my sister and I. She was our parent’s reconciliation child after over 10 years of being divorced. At first, my sister was boring. Like all newborns, she slept, ate, and pooped, but I was excited to be a big sister and I saw her as a real life baby doll. During her toddler years, sleeping with me or under my bed (yes, very odd) was the cure to a sleepless night for our parents. By the time she was 2, I would dress her up, take her on long stroller walks, and show her how to dance – sometimes inappropriately (oops).

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Then, as most High Schoolers feel towards their younger siblings, she became annoying. When my friends would come over she’d always be in the way. She was the reason why our parents knew I had pierced my tongue, bellybutton and whatever other secrets I tried keeping from them; she was always snooping in my room and up my you know what. Our relationship has definitely gone through phases mainly because of our age gap, but one thing I realized on Saturday, was how important it is to her to make me proud and prove to me she’s capable of doing more then I give her credit for. I realized more then ever how much my opinion really matters to her.

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I can admit, I am not a bowl of cherries. My words and actions towards my sister haven’t been the nicest at times. I know there’s been moments where I’ve hurt her feelings and made her sad. And still, she looks at me as she did when she was little and wanted to be like Tata (my nickname). I acknowledge I am quit abrasive but by no means are my intentions coming from a bad place. If there’s anyone in this world, besides our parents, who’s had front row seats to my life’s trials, tribulations, and have seen me live the consequences of my mistakes, it’s my sister. And I just excepted she would have learned from my setbacks and do better. But I also understand we all learn from our own experiences and I just need to let her be.

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Although, there’s still some things about her I wish I could Clorox off her, the reality is, she’s one pretty dope chick who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s capable of making you laugh until your stomach hurts and doesn’t hesitate to lend her shoulder to cry on. She is one of the best aunts I know and an amazing mommy. I am so very proud of my little sister and I wanted to share it with all of you.


To find out my answer to my brother-in-laws question regarding my nephew’s party… You’ll have to wait till our next blog post. 😉

xoxo, E.

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