Is there anyone who doesn’t like a themed party? I mean, you dress up and get into character, there are props and costumes, and it makes it okay to act like a kid again. But a theme party is even MORE fun when a lot of the work is taken out for you! At Jersey Shore Pirate Adventures, it really felt like all we had to do was show up!

We had gone to a birthday party at Pirate Adventures about three years ago and agreed that one day we had to celebrate there. But Aidan was about two at the time. There is so much that happens on the boat (hence the name adventure, ahem) that we wanted him to remember it, so we waited for his 5th birthday. We never imagined that would have come so quickly, but here we are! Almost a month later!


When you get there, the dock is fully decorated like a Pirate’s Cove (so you don’t need to spend money on decorations). There are skulls, anchors, swords, seashells, and pirates. The kids are given a “pirate class” along with head scarves, swords, and painted tattoos before they get on the boat.  At first we were nervous about everyone arriving on time (the boat is very prompt, and if you don’t make it, you miss the boat, like literally, and the majority of the fun). Once you’re on the boat, the kids get fully entertained and in character by the staff. They have to find a map, treasure, there’s a message in a bottle, and a lot more.




Afterwards, you get a private party room with (more decorations that you didn’t have to buy) and a Captain’s Chair for the birthday boy or girl and a flat screen that will display pictures taken of your experience on the boat via a Go Pro that captured everything on the voyage! Needless to say, Aidan talked about it all week long and said it was his best birthday ever!


Thank you Jersey Shore Pirate Adventures!

By: Ana Feliciano