The celebration of the first year of your child’s life is just as much to congratulate you as it is for your baby. Surviving those first 12 months is difficult and beautiful all at once. All of the milestones, baby steps (literally), sleepless nights, and cuddles are now celebrated by you and all of your loved ones.

The first birthday party is usually for the family, because, let’s be real, the child has NO IDEA what’s going on! I remember the first birthday of each of my children. I wanted every little detail to be nothing less than perfect because it is such a meaningful moment… the first of many. And as they’ve grown, all I have are pictures and videos to show them what it was like. The truth is, they still don’t know the love that went into celebrating them and their first year of life. And they probably won’t fully understand until they are adults and parents themselves.


When it is all said and done, all you have left are pictures and memories! A photo shoot with props and your adorable baby really capture the essence of who they are at that moment. They grow so fast, so this is a way to record that and display it for years to come. I did a photo shoot for my little ones and I saved the top of their birthday cake to take special pictures with them. But that was three years ago!

What’s trending now? A cake smashing photo shoot! This is heaven for a one year old. They get to make a mess, eat cake, and dig their fingers into something colorful and mushy. Although that sounds like a lot of cleaning up, it is also adorable!


A small cake can be made with a special birthday topper that honors the occasion. The birthday boy or girl can dress up, dress down, or wear a party hat and diaper. This is a great idea to do intimately at home on the child’s real birth date, before (or after) the big celebration.

The photos will show genuine laughter with your child doing something for the first time, having birthday cake 🙂


By: Ana Martinez-Felciano

Photographer: TL Green Photography